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relocating to overland park

Relocating to Overland Park?

There is a huge influx of people relocating to Overland Park – I’ve had three referrals from agents in Colorado in the last few months. It’s always best to let an agent refer you to an agent where you’re going. Here’s what that sounds like…

“I have some people moving to Overland Park from the Denver area and I’m looking for a buyer’s agent to show them houses next Saturday and Sunday. Are you available?”

This is an ongoing lesson learned when I look at my phone and wonder who’s calling from Colorado. During the week, I probably receive about 5 calls a day from people trying to sell me on getting on the first page of Google – among other things. If I was on the first page of Google, would my phone never ring? I don’t always answer those calls. Could that be a big mistake?

Last Sunday morning, my 10 year old granddaughter, Brooklyn was at my house and was on my laptop in my home office. My phone was plugged into my computer charging. About 11:00 it rang and I asked her what it said. “Colorado,” she replied. I walked into my office, looked at my phone and said, “Wonder who’s trying to sell me something on a Sunday morning?” Brooklyn asked, “Why don’t you answer it?”

I did. Here’s the conversation…


“Is this Melinda?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Thank you for answering your phone on a Sunday morning. Can you talk?”

“It depends on what you want to talk about.”

Relocating to Overland Park

The man on the other end introduced himself as a Realtor in Denver who had a family relocating to Overland Park and they would be in town this upcoming weekend. Well, hell yes I could talk.

“How can I help?”

He proceeded to tell me about his clients who will be here on a home buying trip next weekend. Right up my alley. After talking with him for a few minutes, I had some questions for him that he couldn’t answer so he said he would check with his clients and call me back. I wanted to be able to serve their best needs and wanted to know if they would be buying a home in the areas I specialize in – Overland Park, Olathe or Leawood. After all, if they had wanted to move to Liberty, MO, that’s not where I work and wouldn’t be the best agent for the job.

When Matt called me back, he said they thought they wanted to be in Johnson County, mentioned Overland Park and had heard about Blue Valley Schools. Bingo!

“Perfect for me!”



Finding the right agent

We continued our conversation about the family and our agreement to work together to best serve them. He has his own real estate agency and it is part of his responsibility as the referring agent to make sure he chooses the perfect agent on the other end. Many of the real estate companies go through a third party relocation process so you have to turn the lead into the relo department and they find an agent. I previously worked at one of those local real estate companies that controlled what I did. Keller Williams allows me to find the perfect agent anywhere in the world, make my own connection with them and interview them to make sure they are a good fit for my client.

I also asked Matt where he got my name from the 8,000 local agents but he said he would have to check with his assistant. He said he had two names to call. I was the first and had I not answered, he would have moved on.

It’s a hard reminder that in my profession sometimes timing is everything. You’ve heard the expression, time is of the essence. Hello…are you talking to me? Brooklyn looked at me like with that grin on her face. It’s funny how 10 year olds know better than us sometimes. Then she mentioned she had outgrown all of her Converse shoes that she loves – did I also mention she’s a very good negotiator? Had it not been for her, I probably wouldn’t have answered my phone and not received the referral of the family relocating to Overland Park. It sure looks like she’ll be getting some new Converse sooner than later.

Relocating out of the area?

If you are considering a move out of town, I will find you the perfect agent wherever you may be going. I have lots of fabulous agents I work with around the country or I will find you one no matter your destination. Call me direct at (913) 515-3250 and let’s see what I can do for you to get your long distance move started. I also have a terrific mover that will also do a great job for you at an amazing price! Call me today or contact me here and let’s get started.

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