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Sell Your Home as the Product it Is

If you’re thinking of selling your Overland Park home in 2019, you’d better understand how to sell your home as the product it is. First, you must consider the buyers and know what they want. That’s the biggest reason homes don’t sell. They don’t appeal emotionally to buyers. You see, your home is no different than anything else you’re selling. But home sellers take things personally and have a hard time disconnecting themselves emotionally from their home when trying to sell. They don’t turn selling their home into a business transaction.home staging course Overland Park

This may be a light bulb moment for many of you. The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two very different ways. When it’s time to sell, you must take your emotion out of the scenario and think about how you can make the most money when selling your home.

Your house is a product on the shelf, just like a box of cereal at the grocery store. You are begging for attention in the market place. You know in order to get showings which will lead to the offer, you’ve got to stand out from your competition. You have to look better and be competitively priced to win over the buyers. Easier said than done? Maybe.

That’s the beauty of Home Staging and what we do for our home sellers. Most homes need to be prepared for the market. We create a product that will attract the most buyers, who will fight over your house and you’ll end up with more money. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done.

Here are three MUST DO’s before selling:

  1. Declutter – get your stuff out of the house. Are you really going to pack all of that up and move it to your next place? Seriously? If so, that’s fine but pack it up now and move it to temporary storage.
  2. Depersonalize – remove all of your personal photos, your awards, all the political stuff, the college stuff (MU, KU, K State) and your collectibles. This is crucial. Allow your house to breathe and you will, too. Let your buyers dream and imagine their stuff in your house.
  3. Rearranging and styling – please leave this to a professional! If you haven’t been trained in the art of home staging, this is no time for you to practice. As Accredited Staging Professionals, we’ve been trained to use a specific set of guidelines when staging a home for sale. These are not hit-or-miss techniques. They are proven strategies to create the right emotional look and feel that will appeal to the most buyers. You’re not looking for one buyer in particular, you want multiple people who would love to buy your home. Appealing to the masses is the way to sell your house. Many buyers turn into multiple offers which means more money for you.

Selling your home should not be left to chance. The Realtor you choose determines the results you get. Your first step is preparing your home for sale. That’s all part of our Home Staging process. You have one chance to make a first impression. If your home isn’t properly prepared and staged, it will cost you valuable money.

Home Selling Magic

Creating your best emotional look and feel that every buyer wants and is willing to pay extra money to get is what we do for you. It’s that look combined with our Home Selling Magic Marketing Plan that work together to get you the most showings as soon as your house comes on the market.

It’s a very short lived opportunity you have to make extra money when selling your home. We know the drill because we created the whole concept of Home Selling Magic – how to sell your home in less than 72 hours.

Keith and Marilyn Graham were 82 years old and their house looked like it. But they had an urgency to sell to move to assisted living. They hired us to create some Home Selling Magic for them and it worked.

They left for the day and we brought in a truck load of accessories. We created their best emotional look and feel that appealed to many buyers, so they received multiple offers and we drove their price up. They sold the first day on the market, at the highest price in their neighborhood and for $5,000 over asking price!



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If you’re ready for buyers to fall in love with your house, so it sells quickly and you end up with more money, call Melinda at (913) 515-3250 or get started here.

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