Selling a Home in Overland Park? What’s Your Plan?

sold fast melinda bartlingSelling a home in Overland Park has changed. Is selling your home in your future? If so, what’s your plan?

Are you a first time seller or repeat offender? Either way, make sure you hire the best professional to represent you when selling your house. Even though you may have had a previous experience selling a home, you should rely on your real estate agent to guide you through the process. Many sellers want to retain control of the selling process which is never a good idea. If you trusted your Realtor enough to hire her and you’re paying her to sell your house, give up control and let your agent work her magic.

When it comes to your largest investment, please turn to someone who is successful in selling houses. That doesn’t mean your Aunt Sally or your daughter’s friend who just got her real estate license. That means someone who is a good problem solver because before it’s all over, there will be some problems along the way – somewhere. You need a professional who can solve the problems and move them out of the picture. Different agents get different results. Make sure you check out the statistics of the Realtor you hire.

Your daughter’s friend probably isn’t of the age to be able to solve her own problems much less problems involving the equity in your house. Maybe her broker could advise her but if that’s the case, go with the broker. Do you want the experienced surgeon operating on you or the intern? Same thing. Selling a house shouldn’t be left to inexperience. But people do it every day. They think all Realtors are the same and they will get the same results with anyone they go with. Will you get the same hair cut from anyone who cuts your hair? Will you get the same advice from two different doctors?

“My house will sell when it gets into MLS,” is what I hear over and over. If MLS sold houses, there wouldn’t be any houses on the market. Houses sell themselves first and foremost and then Realtors sell houses. Even the best Realtors can’t sell a house that doesn’t want to be sold. A house that doesn’t look good online isn’t playing the game of real estate. The house isn’t serious about selling. It’s a bench sitter. It’s there, maybe suffering from an injury of ‘70’s welcome friends decor. It’s hanging out. It didn’t even come to the game dressed to play. It’s got the wrong attitude. Not sending the right message to the crowd. LOOK AT ME! I rolled out of bed and showed up but don’t have much to offer. And biggest problem is your Realtor never said a word. You’re both in denial. What’s the plan to sell your home? Who is going to buy your house? Who is your target market? A young couple? Think again! Have you seen the apartments young people live in today? And you think they are going to buy your house for top dollar and replace everything you didn’t want to replace?

Selling a house has changed. It’s not about letting the buyer fix it the way they want. They don’t want to fix it. They don’t have the time or the money. They are busy. They want to find a house that’s turnkey move-in ready.

Today’s smart sellers step up to the plate. They come to the game of real estate ready to play. They have their hand up saying “pick me.” I’m ready to be sold. Learn the rules of being a home for sale in Overland Park and play to win.

Let me know how I can help you with your plan to win the game of real estate. Call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here

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