Selling Your Overland Park Home: 10 Second Home Staging Rule

curb appealIt’s said that home buyers will make a decision about buying your Overland Park home for sale within 10 seconds of opening the front door and sometimes it happens at the curb. That is the exact reason you need to stage your home and create your wow factor because buyers will either perk up to it or move on pretty quickly. When you grab the attention of your buyers and their agent, everyone’s dopamine automatically kicks in because they are already excited about finding the right house. Dopamines help control the brain’s pleasure center and don’t last long so don’t make your buyers search for the wow factor. Give it to them immediately and they will be more excited about seeing the rest of your home. And when it stands out from the other 12 houses they’ve recently seen, they will be more enticed to make an offer on your house because it speaks to them.

Are you a seller who fails to live up to the expectations of their buyers? Most of the time, you will fail to recognize why buyers are attracted to certain houses and not to others. After all, your judgment of your own home is probably very different than an opinion from a total stranger. Everyone thinks their house is the best. Failing to see your house as your buyers will see it is a definite disconnect when you are selling. Give the buyers what they want and they will buy your house faster and will pay more money for it every time.

If you need help staging and creating the 10 second rule wow factor for your Overland Park home call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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