Selling Your Home in Overland Park is Simple – but it’s not always easy…

If you want a faster sale and more money when selling your home in Overland Park, you’ve come to the right place. I believe in telling you exactly what you need to know to sell your home faster and with multiple offers, so you sell your home for thousands over asking price.

I deeply care about my sellers and want you to have the best possible experience when selling your home in Overland Park and surrounding cities.

Whether we’re a fit to work together or not, my goal is to educate you. Why do some homes sell faster and with multiple offers and some homes don’t sell at all? You have one chance to make a first impression. Furthermore, all of that happens before your house ever comes on the market.

First of all, selling your home is like a beauty pageant. For that reason, you’d better be ready to shine because there is no runner up in real estate. Also, you have one shot to make your first impression – and that begins online.

she shed to shed chic interior

Did You Know?

The average days on the market for a house in Johnson County is 50 and the average house sells for 97.5% of asking price. If you’d like better results, I know how to make that happen! It’s what I do for all my sellers that want fast results and more money.

Even more, I have the foresight to know in order to sell your home quickly and for the most money, it has to speak to your buyers. Also, the biggest reason your house won’t sell is because buyers don’t connect with it emotionally.

Prepare. List. SELL!

Step 1 – Prepare Your Home for the Market 

The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different ways. Preparing your home for the market is the most important part of selling your home in Overland Park. It’s called Home Staging and is oftentimes very misunderstood.

It starts with where you are in the process. I work with what you have and then add to your look using my accessories if needed, at no additional expense to you.


My Home Staging Process is 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Do you need to know what to do to update your home in order to compete in the marketplace? I’m up-to-date on trends, colors, etc. and want to help you save money with your projects. Ask me about our discounts I have with local vendors.
  2. De-cluttering and de-personalizing are mandatory to help you pre-pack for your upcoming move. You’ve got to look like you’re ready for the offers to come rolling in!
  3. Styling your house is where I shine. I use my 7 little known home staging secrets that draw buyers in and cause them to fall in love, buy your house faster and willingly pay you more money!

The Average Real Estate Agent

The average agent will bring in a home stager for a one hour consultation to walk through your house with you. They will tell you things to do like repaint your master bedroom, de-clutter your piles, clear all flat surfaces, de-personalize by removing your family photos, and move that ugly chair out.

You complete your punch list and you think you’re done. Whew! Your home staging is complete. While you think your house looks great (it probably looks better than it did) but wait. You’ve yet to even touch on what really matters.

I’m Not Your Average Real Estate Agent!

The real Home Selling Magic happens in the details – the styling stage. Once you complete your honey-do’s on your punch list, I come in and work my magic. Creating your home’s best emotional look and style is what is going to sell your house for thousands over asking price. Therefore, your house must speak to the largest number of buyers and their agents.

Then your Professional Photo Shoot sells your home’s lifestyle. Your first showing is online and we want those buyers and their agents to be excited about your house and be ready to make an offer!

When buyers walk through your front door and immediately feel that pit in their stomach, you’ve got them…and their money! Making that happen comes down to styling your home and is what I’m very good at.

Did you know that the Realtor you choose and the way your home looks online will determine the results you get? Think about that. Your agent is going to determine everything…including how much money you’re going to make or give away. Seriously?

Step 2 – List Your Home and Be Ready to Move!

Creating your best emotional model home selling look and feel that every buyer wants and is willing to pay extra money for is what I do best. It’s that look, along with my Home Selling Magic Marketing Plan that work together to get you the most showings as soon as your house comes on the market.


First of all, while many agents are busy filling the flyer box and putting out the pointer signs on the corners, I’m busy creating a frenzy and spreading the word in the real estate community. Likewise, my 32 years of selling real estate has helped me form those deep, great relationships with other agents that may have buyers for your house.

You see, I know it’s only a matter of time you have to receive multiple offers that will drive up your asking price. Certainly you want more money, don’t you?

For that reason, you have a very short lived window of opportunity to sell your home for thousands over asking price. That’s why I take one house at a time and work it until it’s sold!

Step 3 – SELL! Your Home

Join My Happy Sellers Club


Overland Park Happy Sellers, Tim and Mollie:

  • We had a plan to stage and style their house and they trusted us to run with it
  • Next we listed their house at 8:00 a.m. for $299,900 – the highest price in their neighborhood
  • By 11:00 a.m. we had received 3 written offers 
  • Their home sold at 2:00 p.m. for $305,000 – creating another Happy Seller!

“Melinda totally rearranged our house. She performed her home staging magic and we received 3 offers by 2:00 the first day on the market and sold for thousands over asking price.”

Actually Tim told me they were going to try selling for sale by owner. Then he realized he would never have the opportunity to drive the price up and sell for thousands over asking price. Good call Tim!

Consequently, we stood in his driveway at 2:00 that day and I said to choose one offer. He was dumbfounded that what I said would happen, did happen. He couldn’t believe it! (I hear that alot)

Leawood Happy Sellers, Karen and Rick

  • Received 3 offers within hours
  • Sold to a cash buyer for $15,000 over asking price
  • Closed in 2 weeks


“Melinda Bartling put the For Sale sign out this morning and she sold our house this afternoon with 3 very good offers and for $15,000 more than the asking price! If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a house, call Melinda AND listen to everything she tells you to do. We did and it happened!!!!!”

~Rick Gumpertz and Karen Rowinsky, Sierra Madre, California

Due to Rick and Karen moving to California, they left everything up to me. As a result, they had no idea what their house looked like until the morning they came on the market and they saw it online!

Olathe Happy Sellers, Keith and Marilyn:

  • Received 2 offers the first day on the market
  • Sold for $5,000 over asking price
  • Referred me to their neighbors, Ron and Nancy


“We met Melinda after she sold our neighbor’s house the first day on the market with more than one offer. Melinda was easy and fun to work with. She explained how she sells houses really fast, we followed her advice, let her do her “thing” and her plan worked for us too.

We sold our house within 8 hours, with multiple offers and for WAY MORE than our asking price. We were impressed and amazed with her process.”

~Keith and Marilyn Graham

Want to Sell Your Home For Thousands Over Asking Price?

What do all of these Happy Sellers have in common? First of all, they all knew the results they wanted and chose to work with someone getting those results.

What are you waiting for???

Call me direct at (913) 515-3250 for your FREE home selling consultation. Let’s get you on your way to your next home by developing your Home Selling Magic Marketing Plan that’s designed to:

  • PREPARE and style your home so it speaks to those online buyers emotionally and captures their hearts. We want them to know that your home is “the one” before they ever see it in person.
  • LIST your home by using my proven Fast Sale Home Selling System that’s designed to get you immediate showings and quick results.
  • SELL! your home faster and for thousands over asking price. Let’s get those buyers emotional, so they fall in love with your home and see themselves living there.

Selling your home in Overland Park is simple – if you know what to do. My plan works and is designed to make it easy.

Still on the fence? Read what others are saying about their experience with me here.

But if you’re ready to sell your Overland Park home for thousands over asking price, call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or get started here.

Disclaimer: No sale is ever guaranteed. My success comes from other home sellers that have said, “tell us what we need to do to sell our house this weekend.” My specific, strategic Fast Sale Home Selling System and Home Staging Magic work together to create your best emotional home selling look so your home sells for thousands over asking price! It’s your money!