“Shows Like a Model Home” – How to Get the Look

2449 W Fredrickson 1st FloorWhen your house comes on the market and the feedback from your very first showing says, “It shows like a model home, I know we’ve created the right look. My latest listing at 2449 W. Fredrickson in Olathe came on the market last Friday and the very first feedback from the agents was, “It shows like a model.” Bingo! That’s the goal when selling. Your house should look like a model home to your prospective buyers and their agents. But what exactly does that mean?

Have you ever walked into a model home and immediately said to yourself, “Wow, I could live here!” Of course you have. What was it about that home that made you feel that way? First of all, a model home is like a new car. It’s got that new home smell. As you swing open the front door, it stimulates all of your senses. You’re immediately captured by what you see. As you walk from room to room, you see yourself living there. It’s absolutely captivating. You love the layout of the house, the new light fixtures, the hardwood floors and the color of the walls. The kitchen is gorgeous and open to the rest of the first floor. It’s everything you’ve been dreaming about and you want it.

The biggest advantage to the model home look is that it’s new and no one lives there. It is free of clutter, piles of crap, overstuffed closets and messy drawers. You don’t see any imperfections because there aren’t any. Model homes are so appealing because they aren’t full of other people’s possessions that so often turn buyers off…smelly trash cans, kitchen cabinets overflowing with Tupperware containers, bathroom vanities full of personal hygiene items or basements loaded down with boxes of someone’s stuff.

You crave the model home because you really want to be free of the stuff. The “model home look” gives the impression that even you could live like that if given the opportunity to start over again. So, when a resale home comes on the market and the agents say, “It shows like a model!” I’ve done my job of expressing to the seller why the model home look is so important.

Now I’m waiting for the offer from the buyer who wants new construction but appreciates a resale, with extras like tinted windows, a sprinkler system and a landscaped, fenced yard. I wonder if there is a plug in that has the new house scent. That would be the icing on the cake for my listing at 2449 W. Fredrickson in Olathe that “shows like a model home.”

If you’re thinking of selling and want to create that “shows like a model home” look for your house, I can help. Call me direct at (913) 515-3250, send me a text with the word MODEL or contact me here.

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