Small House Living

There’s a big trend towards small house living. There’s even a new show on the FYI Network called Tiny House Nation.

Could you live in a 200 square foot home? Maybe you’re not sure how big 200 square feet is. Imagine a room that’s 20×10 or imagine the size of a single car garage.

Is that small? Granted if you had a family it probably wouldn’t work – but what if you lived alone? Could you downsize and take only the things you love and absolutely must have and be free of the rest?

I did a MAJOR downsize when I sold my 5 bedroom house of about 3,500 square feet. I moved to about 1,200 square feet. It was an eye opening experience but I kept things I couldn’t live without and adjusted the amount of everything else. I had enough linens, china, glassware and books to stock a store. I went from 5 sets of dishes and then some to 6 dinner plates. Have I missed my stuff? Sometimes and kinda. But the freedom of not having all that stuff is more rewarding than having it. I have fond memories. But at the end of the day, it’s just stuff.

I would love to live in 200 square feet. If I didn’t have an office at home that would help eliminate a lot of papers that take up space. I would have the coolest little tiny space with all the bells and whistles I could have in a small spot. I would have to go through one more downsize but the next one would be even easier.

Living in a small space requires creativity. I learned that after moving to where I live now. I’ve discovered how to make better use of the space I have and by going tall versus wide when it comes to storage.

The kitchen and bathrooms are important. But other than those, everything has to have multiple purposes. I’m going to start watching Tiny House Nation and come up with my next move – my tiny space. After all, good things come in small packages.

Would you live in a tiny space? Let me know in the tiny space below.

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