How to Stage Your Home Yourself

Do you wish you knew how to stage your home yourself? Great news…we can help you create your best look no matter where you may live.

In a short amount of time, you can have a brand new look for your home with our “Now to WOW” Stage Your Home Yourself Home Staging Makeover.

Whether you are selling or dwelling, our Stage Your Home Yourself Makeover will turn your home into a fresh, new, beautiful space that works!

If you’re selling and you:

  • understand the importance of home staging
  • are in a challenging real estate market and know how important it is to stand out from your competition
  • want your home to have a better look for selling
  • don’t have access to or know a professional home stager and stylist
  • like our style and would like us to help you, too

If you’re dwelling (not moving) and you’re:

  • sick and tired of the way your home looks
  • confused about what you can do to give your space a mini makeover without spending a lot of money
  • dying to get a professional stylist’s opinion of how to update your home
  • questioning your furniture arrangement or what to do with your accessories
  • confused about turning your cluttered bookcase into a showcase of your collections
  • DONE with trying to do it on your own

If any of these things ring a bell with you, then our Stage Your Home Yourself Home Staging Makeover is designed for you.

Here’s how it works…

You need to have a general idea (see below) of what you where you want to start so we can help you turn your dreams into reality. Whether you’re selling or dwelling, do you want to create a…

  • closet so you can actually find your stuff?
  • relaxing bedroom setting that will help you sleep better?
  • man cave that he loves and you’ll allow?
  • family friendly family room that works well for everyone?
  • special place just for you to relax, unwind and do “your own thing”?
  • more functional kitchen that is better organized?
  • home office or space that actually allows you to work?
  • curb appeal that will make the neighbors wonder what you’re up to? 
  • beautiful space that your heart desires

Sign up for the service here. Once you sign up you will:

  • receive a call from us to set up your appointment for your initial consultation to discuss your project
  • send us NOW photos of your project via email or text (we’ll let you know what to send)
  • receive one on one home staging assistance to create your best look using what you have
  • be able to shop for what you need to create your best look (if that’s your choice)
  • WOW OUT your space and complete your project

Ready to schedule your Stage Your Home Yourself Home Staging Makeover?

Click here to Stage Your Home Yourself . Once your purchase is confirmed, we will call you to get started. Your project can be completed quickly.

Questions? Call us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here.