Staging and Selling Your Home? St. Joseph versus St. Melinda

Dillon's moving to UtahSellers always tell me they are going to get a St. Joseph statue to bury in their front yard to help their home sell faster. Those are words I don’t necessarily want to hear so I never ask about it again until the house is sold.

Melanie Dillon told me she was going to bury a statue in her yard. The other day when she was moving out, I asked her if she ever buried the St. Joseph statue and she told me she didn’t have to – she had St. Melinda.

Well, now there’s a compliment! And a testimonial! Melanie’s house sold the first day on the market. It was one of my favorite houses to blog about – Is Overland Park Green the New Johnson County Beige? I will not only miss them but also their house.

Melanie made me realize that I get lots of funny little nicknames from my clients – and these are the ones they share with me. I can only imagine the ones they don’t tell me. Joe Wolfe called me Sarge and his wife called me the Boot Camp Director. I sold their house in 14 days after it had been on and off the market for over 2 years with a multitude of other Realtors.

Just this week I was called Sherlock. But I know no matter the name, it’s because I care about my clients and helping them reach and accomplish their goals. Every listing I take, I expect to sell quickly and for the most money possible. It all comes down to my 3 step process: Prepare. List. SELL!

I’m not an agent who takes a listing just to take a listing. I have a true desire to get that house sold whatever it takes. I recently spent several days getting a house ready for the market. With my friend Melanie, I told her my vision of how her great room would be arranged and when I came back to the house, she had it done.

My latest and newest sellers told me that they would do whatever I told them to do to sell the house quickly. They trusted me to be honest and let them know exactly what it was going to take to get their home sold. It will be on the market this Friday. They are working frantically doing all the things on their “honey do list” that will make a huge difference in the way their house shows.

Then I will go over and do my magic staging and prepare everything for their photo shoot. We’ll come on the market ready to sell. And that’s where the St. Melinda comes into play. It’s the icing on the cake that makes all the difference in the world. And St. Melinda knows lots and lots of secrets (59 Secrets) of preparing a home for sale that causes it to sell faster and for more money. See before and after photos here.

If you are thinking of selling your house and want icing on your cake, give me a call at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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