Staging Your Overland Park Home to Sell – How Does Your Home Sound? (Part 2 of a 5 Part Series)

Every home has a sound to it and if you’re preparing your Overland Park Home to sell, you need to listen carefully. Last week I heard lots of sounds while showing over 40 homes. One home in particular had a noisy ceiling fan that was very annoying. Not a big deal? Maybe or maybe not – but you’re not the buyer. And when one little thing is annoying to the buyer, it could be a deal breaker. We actually went back to this house a second time and Mrs. Buyer noticed the ceiling fan wasn’t on. Many people are very sensitive to sounds. Listen to your home. What do you hear?

Other sounds to pay attention to are the dripping faucet or noisy toilet. These sounds often make the buyer wonder what else might be wrong with the house. Or maybe it’s the barking dog. I had a listing a few years back and the sellers had a dog they kept in the backyard during showings. Problem was, the dog barked constantly when he knew someone was in the house. It was such a problem they took their home off the market and didn’t move because they couldn’t control the dog. Another issue is homes that are on or near a busy street. Sometimes playing soft music helps mask the sounds of the traffic. You have to learn to listen to what your potential buyer is hearing.

I can’t stress this enough – the way you live in a house and the way you sell a house are two very different ways. Especially if your home is on the market, pretend you are the buyer. Prepare for a showing and actually leave your house and come back to the house through the front door. Use a key just as an agent does. Open the door. Walk through the house and take time to listen to what your home is telling your potential buyers.

When staging your Overland Park home to sell, take time to listen – how your home sounds could be preventing your home from selling.

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