Staging Your Overland Park Home to Sell – What Does Your Potential Buyer See? (Part 3 of a 5 Part Series)

Every home gives off a first impression – and it’s important when staging your Overland Park KS home to sell. When your buyers open the front door of your home, they immediately, within 10 seconds, decide if it’s a good choice or a bad choice. Did you know selling your home is a beauty contest and a real estate price war both going on at the same time? It’s called the game of real estate and there is only one winner.

After showing over 40 houses to one couple in the last week, I can honestly say I was embarrassed. Did I think they’d ever find a home? Could I blame them for having to look at so many houses before making a decision about buying a home? Yes, I knew they would find a home but why are there so few good ones? Some of the houses we looked at were horrible and we picked out what looked like the cream of the crop. OMG! I’d hate to see the bad ones.

As a Realtor, I am required to provide feedback to the selling agent after showing a home. By the end of the day, I had 10-15-20 feedback requests in my inbox and it was my job to go through my notes of what my buyers liked and didn’t like about the house. Honestly, I told some of the agents that we eliminated the entire list of Lenexa homes because the majority had wallpaper borders. One house we went to, I opened the front door, saw the wallpaper and we closed the door. We never even went in. If you’ve still got borders, it’s a sure sign you haven’t done anything to update your home in the last 20 years. And you’re probably not at a price the buyers can redo the entire house – nor do they want to.

Come on folks, if you’re not the prettiest one at the party, you probably already know that. Or if you don’t, you’d better get busy and bone up on what it’s going to take to sell your house. Did your agent not tell you your house might not sell? And other than price, nothing is going to win the prettiest house contest in Overland Park unless you’re drop dead gorgeous. A great personality won’t cut it. Nice houses don’t sell. So, if you’re not the best looking, get yourself a home stylist (like me!) that can twirl your tired space into something that today’s buyers can relate to and want to buy.

There are two things that will sell your home – your price and how pretty you are. Better get your party dress on and be ready for the red carpet. What would Joan Rivers say about your house? What are your buyers really seeing when they look at your Overland Park home that’s for sale?

If you need help getting your house ready for the red carpet, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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