Success Story in Shawnee

Last Tuesday, I wrote about buying a home in a blizzard while we were having a blizzard. Never say never. On Thursday, my listing at 14613 W. 58th Terrace in Shawnee sold to some buyers from Florida who had sold their home and were in town for a couple of days to buy. These were serious buyers. The agent that wrote the contract was another Realtor in my office and she called me to discuss their situation and plan.

They were short on time and wanted to buy a house, get the inspections done and be able to close in 30 days. She said she was going to write the offer, present it to me verbally and asked me to get acceptance from my sellers. She had just talked to a home inspector who had a cancellation and was available to do the inspection in the next hour if we could work out the terms of the contract.

After talking to my sellers, I assured her we were on board to move forward and we accepted their offer. They scheduled the home inspections and the next day had some contractors out to get bids on changes they wanted to make to the house.

Out of town buyers are always short on time and want to accomplish as much as possible in a short time frame. Most of the time, their agents have to give them their full attention and cancel anything else they may have going on in order to accommodate the needs of these home buyers. People are selling and buying homes every day and this proves that yes, even in blizzard conditions, there are real estate transactions happening.

With a limited inventory, sellers are in a much better position to sell. If you are considering selling and waiting for the spring market, the time is now. We are in the pre-spring market which means you need to act quickly. Check out my post “10 Reasons Not to Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home” here.

If you would like to know how your situation can be a success story, how you can get your home on the market and sold now versus later, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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