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Sunday open house in Overland Park

The Sunday Open House – In This Market?

The Sunday open house and those corner pointer signs speak to me like seeing your same car on the road may speak to you. Yesterday while I was on my way to meet a buyer to check out some new construction homes, I noticed open house sign after open house sign on practically every other corner.  If the market is so hot, why are all of these houses for sale in Overland Park?

I’m curious too!

Out of curiosity, on my way home, I stopped by a couple of these open houses to see what I thought about why they were open if the real estate market was so hot! They were both in nice neighborhoods, on cul-de-sacs and in Blue Valley schools – the hottest commodity in south Overland Park! So what was it about these Overland Park houses for sale that caused them to be average, Plain Jane’s, still waiting to be sold.

As I followed the open house pointer to the first Sunday open house, I wasn’t impressed with the curb appeal as I pulled up out front. It looked like winter was still at this house. It had an impressive front porch but nothing had been done to enhance it. There were empty pots where plants should have been added. The doormat was worn and the front door was dirty. There was a cute bench but no curb appeal whatsoever. Come on people, you are selling your house. You must enhance your curb appeal to get your buyer’s emotional juices flowing.

I introduced myself to the real estate agent and she told me to look around.  She said she would be interested in my feedback. As I went room to room, I was unimpressed. It was a very lived in house which I understand but when you are selling, you’ve got to step up to the plate and appear to be unlived in. Buyers don’t get excited about your piles of stuff and your disorganization. It also had few updates compared to other houses that are selling like hotcakes!

After touring the house, she told me it had been “freshly staged” after hearing feedback from buyers. I asked her who staged the house and she said she had told the buyers to clear off all their countertops to make it look like a hotel room. So, in other words, it wasn’t staged, the counters were cleared off. That’s not home staging.

Another Sunday open house that hasn’t sold

The second Sunday open house I looked at was in a different neighborhood but in close proximity to the first one. The curb appeal was better but there were cobwebs lurking around the front door and the storm door had nose prints and fingerprints all over it.

Cleanliness is a huge part of the home staging process. No buyer wants to buy your dirt! You may be saying that’s not a big deal because it can be fixed. Then fix it. You’re not going to buy a dirty house for top dollar. People don’t see what they don’t see in their own homes because they are so used to seeing it that way.

Houses for sale in Overland Park sell really fast if they are:

  • Priced to sell
  • Properly staged (yes there is an art to home staging)
  • Marketed by the right Realtor

The lingering Sunday open house pointer on the corner is not going to sell your house. The percentage of home buyers locally that actually buy an open house they see on Sunday is in the single digits. This is not reality television. You don’t put the open Sunday sign out and droves of people show up without an agent fighting to buy your house.

What’s it gonna take?

Selling your house in Overland Park requires a marketing plan and an agent that has one that actually works consistently. Anyone can get lucky. Do you want to trust your largest investment and your money that’s on the line to someone who might get lucky or to a professional Realtor that has a plan? I don’t even do open houses because my listings sell before they ever get to Sunday. Wouldn’t you rather have your Sunday free to spend as you like rather than driving around wondering if someone bought your house?

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

Call me at (913) 515-3250 to see how my plan works to sell your home so you can have your Sunday free of open house because it’s already under contract, with multiple offers and for way over asking price!

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