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The Trend of Johnson County Beige

How many times have you heard the phrase Johnson County Beige when thinking of selling your home? One of the first things a professional home stager or Realtor will tell you is that you need to neutralize the colors inside and outside your home when thinking of selling.

I received an email from a seller who knew she needed help when selling her home. When I called her back, she said she needed the exterior of her house painted. I sent my painter over to give her a quote and he called me and said, “The house is pink!” I replied, “And you’re a painter, let me meet you and we’ll choose the right shade of Johnson County beige.

johnson county beige

You may have a beautiful red dining room, yellow kitchen and green master bedroom but when buyers don’t have your same taste in colors, they may pass your home by. I recently listed a home that had a blue kitchen and I suggested that they change the paint to Johnson County Beige. They told me they were ok with that but if their house didn’t sell, they liked the blue kitchen.

First things first! If I list the house for sale, I intend to get it sold. That’s why people hire me – to sell their home. At the end of the day, they want me to tell them the truth about what it’s really going to take to make it happen. Paint is usually the first change you need to make when selling. Whether it’s changing the color or simply sprucing the place up, a fresh coat of paint will make it sparkle.

Choose your shade of Johnson County Beige carefully!

Visit your favorite paint or home improvement store and ask what people are buying. What are the most popular shades of Johnson County Beige? There are hundreds of shades of beige, pick one that goes with your woodwork, trim, flooring, and furnishings. Take some samples home, look at your paint in different light exposures and at various times of the day. Choose your paint shades carefully. If you’ve ever painted a room a wrong color, you know what I mean. It’s easy to repaint but nobody wants to do that. Change your Overland Park home colors to Johnson County Beige and you will be selling faster and for more money.

If you need help getting your home ready for the market, now is the time. Call me at (913) 515-3250 or get started here.

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