When Will Your Overland Park Home Sell?

When will your Overland Park home sell? That’s always the question sellers want to know. Before I can answer that, if you’re a seller or considering selling, you have to ask yourself, when did you want to move? You see, in order to sell your home, you have to decide when you want to move and create your plan accordingly. Most sellers put their home on the market and have no idea when something will happen and when they will need to be out of their home. That’s selling by default. My plan sells by design and if you’re on board with my plan, you will sell your home within 30 days for top dollar. You see, you have to have a plan in order to sell your home. It doesn’t work any other way.

Putting your home on the market with me, you should be prepared to move in the next 60-75 days. Part of my system includes pre-packing so it’s not so overwhelming when it’s time for the move. Sellers who aren’t prepared have a hard time making it all happen in a timely manner. They couldn’t possibly get moved in a short time frame because they haven’t planned and haven’t prepared. But by following my step by step plan, it takes the focus off the move and puts the focus on selling the house. You need to be ready to move the day you put the house on the market.

If you price your home right, the buyers will come. “But they can always make an offer” is what I hear time and again from hopeful sellers. Problem is, yes they can but they usually won’t. You see, there are always those sellers out there who will price their home more competitively than your home and those are the ones who get the attention and get the offers. Buyers and their agents want to negotiate and work with a seller who is priced right and who looks like they are ready to move.

Do yourself a favor and price your home right, appear ready to move and you will sell your Overland Park home quickly and for more money. Having your house on the market is never “fun” so step up to the plate and get it done. You’ll be glad you did!

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