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Why is home staging important when selling your home

Why is Home Staging Important When Selling Your Home?

Why is home staging important when selling your home? Home staging is often misunderstood. Although the concept was created in 1973, you might be familiar with home staging from what you’ve seen on HGTV. But in reality, home staging is creating your home’s best look to appeal to the largest number of buyers so it sells faster and for more money.

A little history

In 2006, I flew to Chicago and took a home staging course from the lady that created the concept. I use her techniques to stage all of my homes. Many other courses have popped up since then but they may not be based on her strategies. My course, Home Staging Stylist that I offer 4 times a year is a local, very hands-on, 2 day intensive weekend course that helps home staging wannabe’s take their dreams of being a home stager to the next level.

I’ve believed in Home Staging long before I took the course in 2006. My mother was a designer and I always lived in a picture perfect home. I learned the techniques of arranging a room early on. Then before real estate, I co-owned an Antiques Shop with my mother and quickly learned the art of rearranging the store. That led to a Tea Room and I discovered that how the food looked on the plate was equally important to how the food tasted. In other words, first impressions were huge!

Home staging starts here

We called it merchandising. There are right ways and wrong ways to do it. But there are strategies behind it all. Just like the reason the grocery stores put the candy, gum and magazines at the check-out. The same way Costco puts the stadium seats, solar lights and other necessary items you didn’t know you needed but had to have at the entrance so you see them when you first walk into the store. I was there yesterday and thought twice about a stadium seat until I realized I did not have a use for one. They get you filling your cart long before you thought you would. It’s their strategy and it works!

Home staging strategies

The same goes for home staging. It’s the exact same idea. You have a product to sell to the buyers. The buyers are eager to buy. But do you have what they want? Are you grabbing their attention from the get go? Have you prepared your home to look its best in the photos so buyers are lining up to see it?

As a Realtor, I know what buyers want and as a Home Staging Stylist, I know how to create the right look that will get buyers fighting over your house. It’s the whole reason my houses sell so fast and for crazy over the top prices. Not just in a hot market, I’ve been doing it for years.

You may have a gorgeous home but is it staged to appeal to the largest number of buyers? You might love the way it looks but when you are selling your home, it’s not about you anymore. Remember, buyers are all about “what’s in it for me?” They don’t care about your memories in the house, they only care about the memories they will create if they live there.

Why is home staging important? Here are 7 reasons

  • To prepare your home for the “glamour photo shoot”
  • So it stands out from the other homes online
  • To attract those online buyers rather than waiting for them to show up
  • Because it will look better in person than your competition
  • Realtors love showing professionally staged homes
  • It oftentimes appraises at a higher price than a home that wasn’t staged
  • If staged correctly, you will walk away with more money!

Home staging is not about you. But keeping your money IS about you and the faster your home sells determines how much money you will put in your pocket. My average house sells the first day on the market and for as much as 103.75% over asking price. My Leawood South house sold for $12,425 over asking price. I had a plan and made it happen. That’s all about you and money in the bank!

If you want to sell your home the first day on the market, with multiple offers and for way over asking price, call me at (913) 515-3250 and let’s see if what I do will work for you! Please scroll to the bottom and share this with someone you know who is thinking of selling their home.

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