Will a St. Joseph Statue Help Sell Your Overland Park Home?

Last week while showing houses to home buyers in Overland Park, I saw a St. Joseph Statue still in the box by the front door. What is a St. Joseph Statue? It’s a little plastic statue that you are supposed to bury in your yard and rumor has it that it will make your home sell faster.

Home sellers ask me all the time if this will work to sell their house. Is this a custom in the Overland Park real estate market? My answer? “Throw it out!” There seems to be misconceptions around what you actually do with the statue. Do you bury it in the front yard or backyard? Does it face the house or away from the house? Do you bury it with the cloth or without the cloth? Do you dig it up once your house sells or leave it there?

While I’m all about doing everything you can do to sell your home faster, the St. Joseph Statue has never been anything I suggest. If you’ve ever used one of these statues and swear by them, your house was probably on the market for some time and you probably finally got the price right. But the folk custom came to be that sellers bury the statue as a sign of prayer asking to find a buyer.

The house I saw that had the St. Joseph Statue needed some work. The first indication was the front step that was pulling away from the porch. The concrete was cracked and needed mud-jacking and sealing. Things like that throw up a red flag to me. But while my buyer was looking through the house, I spotted this little statue in the box by the stair post. I snapped a picture of it and as soon as I did, the alarm went off. Is there a St. Joseph alarm? We had probably been in the house for at least 3 minutes before the alarm started blaring.

We both started laughing hysterically and ran for the front door. Once I got in the car, I called the showing service and told them I set off the alarm that I didn’t know existed. I just wanted to get out of there before the police showed up to detain us. We were on a mission to find a house.

We went down the street and looked at another house in the neighborhood and came back by the one with the ear-piercing security system. No police yet. I could have been out of that house with everything but the kitchen sink before anyone showed up. I was just hoping my buyer didn’t want to see that one a second time. Those things are hard to explain to agents and sellers.

Will the St. Joseph Statue help you sell your home in Overland Park? Believe what you want but your house will sell if it’s priced right, looks good and if you have the right agent. In the end, homes that have concrete that needs to be mud-jacked and security systems that go off randomly probably won’t sell even with the help of a St. Joseph Statue.

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