Melinda Bartling is the Barbara Corcoran of KC. Her ability to handle a deal with multiple offers is incredible. She cuts through the emotions and was able to break down the offers so we could make a business decision. Hindsight is always 20/20. Melinda strives to make foresight 20/20. ~Tom and Kathy Page


Melinda Calkins Bartling put the For Sale sign out this morning and she sold our house this afternoon with 3 very good offers and for $15,000 more than the asking price! If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a house, call Melinda AND listen to everything she tells you to do. We did and it happened!!!!! ~Rick Gumpertz and Karen Rowinsky, Sierra Madre, California

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Awesome Results!

Melinda is incredibly professional, experienced in all facets of the process, ethical and does exactly what she says she will do! I can’t imagine the experience without her. ~Julie Brainard, Overland Park, KS

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Wish We Had Met Melinda Earlier!

After 2 Northland Realtors and 435 days on the market, we called Melinda Bartling with Keller Williamssymons sold wp in Overland Park. Melinda had just sold my friend’s house in Overland Park, KS in 6 days.
When Melinda came to our home in Parkville, MO I was eager to show her our home. She politely said to me “I want to walk through alone as a buyer would. I will find you when I am finished.” Odd, I thought, but I could not wait for her to give me her recommendations. Well, she not only told us what the problem was, she already had a plan of what needed to be done. Although she said we had a lovely home, it was “our” home and not a “buyer’s” home. She also admitted she knew nothing about Parkville but she did know how to sell a house.
After 435 days on the market, we had a lot to overcome. Buyers were asking what was wrong with our house. There wasn’t anything wrong except for how it showed and looked online. We didn’t know anything was wrong other than it wasn’t selling. Melinda helped us with paint colors and her “best in class” home staging. Within one week we were back on the market and ready to sell. In 39 days she sold our house in a market that’s very different from and much slower than what she was used to in Overland Park.
Melinda is a straight forward, honest, efficient realtor. She doesn’t just list homes, she actually sells homes. She prepares and works on one house at a time until it’s sold. She followed up with us on every house showing, she gave us the tools to monitor our showings and she did her homework on the market in our area. She provided us information no other realtor we worked with did. She opened our eyes to so much information so we knew we were on the right track. If she didn’t answer the phone when you called, she was texting you back. You never had to wait for an answer to your questions.
We would recommend Melinda to anyone who really wants to sell their home. If you really listen to what she says and do what she says, taking your emotions out of the equation, she will sell your home fast. As a business woman myself, she is the real deal. We also found a friend for life!
Thanks, Melinda, for helping us move forward to the next chapter. YOU are the best!! ~Ward and Kelley Symons, Parkville, MO (Home Sellers)

Melinda Stood Out From the Other Agents!

just sold lewis

“Melinda Bartling is truly an expert in her field. When we were deciding on an agent we selected her due to her staging and real estate experience. She told us if we followed her advice she could sell our home in a day. I have to say I was a little skeptical, however she did deliver and made a believer out of me. Not only did she give us great advice on what we could do in order to get top dollar for our home, she also invested her own time and effort into our staging makeover. She was awesome to work with and we will definitely refer her to our friends and family.” ~Matt and Gaby Lewis, Lee’s Summit, MO (Home Sellers)

Sold the 1st Day!

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We met Melinda after she sold our neighbor’s house the first day on the market with more than one offer. Melinda was easy and fun to work with. She explained how she sells houses really fast, we followed her advice, let her do her “thing” and her plan worked for us too. We sold our house within 8 hours, with multiple offers and for WAY MORE than our asking price. We were impressed and amazed with her process. ~Keith and Marilyn Graham, Olathe, KS (Home Sellers)

Sold in 1 Day!

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Melinda helped me like no other Realtor ever has. She clearly explained her strategy for preparation which included lots of home staging, fair pricing and a quick turn. Once she suggested the necessary changes she jumped in to help. Always pleasant and honest, I’d highly recommend her services to anyone serious about selling a home quickly. Mine was on the market one day before I had an offer for more than asking price. ~Sheila Myers, Olathe, KS (Home Seller)

Sold in 2 Days with 2 Offers!

14481 w 139th sold fast

Melinda sold our house really fast, with multiple offers and for the highest price any home had sold for in our neighborhood. She also referred us to an agent in North Carolina. She coordinated our two moves and is raising home values in our neighborhood with her home selling strategies! ~Ron and Nancy Brown, Olathe, KS (Home Sellers)

Sold in 12 Hours!

10253 Cody Exterior

Melinda is a true professional in the real estate business. She stands out from the competition by presenting a plan of how to stage, advertise and execute the sale of one’s home. Then she thoroughly executes this plan and from our home buying and selling experience with her, it works. Our most recent transaction with her, our home had a full asking price offer within the first 12 hours of listing. Spectacular performance and execution from a true professional. ~ Matt & Melanie Dillon, North Ogden, Utah.

Melinda’s Plan Works!

1366 e 155th street exterior2

After working in real estate and finance for 20 years, I knew enough to hire a top tier real estate professional that could provide expert advice and save me time and money by selling my home quickly.  That professional was Melinda Bartling.  Follow Melinda’s plan, listen to her staging advice, and buyers will jump at the chance to buy your home. ~ Bradley Streeter, Olathe, KS

Location, Location, Location

Melinda was very direct and willing to be aggressive with her actions (and me – when needed) to sell my house that backed up to Burger King. ~ Anjie Sander, Lee’s Summit, MO

Melinda Provides Awesome Service!

Melinda was very helpful and honest when it came to helping me buy my first home. My parents said she would look for the reasons not to buy a home – pointing out things we didn’t see. It made me realize that some Realtors are better than others – making buying a home easier or harder than it needs to be. ~ Ashley (What’s a Girl to do with a Pedestal Sink blog post), Overland Park, KS

Melinda is Top-Notch!

14509 w 83rd place

We have bought and sold seven homes over the years and Melinda Bartling is by far the best Realtor we’ve ever worked with. She is top-notch when it comes to marketing your home. She knows your target market and knows what it will take to sell your home QUICKLY!  Selling a home is a stressful time and her calm demeanor and dependability were greatly appreciated.  We highly recommend her and will definitely hire her again. She will sell your home at lightning speed!~ Judy Mathews

I Made the Right Choice!

Going into the selling process I was unsure who I would use to sell my Overland Park home but I made the right choice when it came to hiring Melinda Bartling. Her website originally caught my attention and when I sent Melinda an email she contacted me within minutes to schedule our first appointment. Melinda goes above and beyond what you would think a realtor is supposed to do and is definitely an expert in her field. She not only researched the comps in the area and staged the house to sell within 10 days for full price but also took care of everything I couldn’t since I had already relocated to Dallas, TX. She found qualified repairpersons, scheduled the repairs, met the workers at the house, and ensured they were done right. Melinda is amazing!!! I would highly recommend contacting Melinda if you want to sell your home. ~ Wendy Wylie, Dallas, Tx

Melinda is the Best in her Field!

14613 W 58th Terr Shawnee KS exterior

Melinda was not only the best realtor I have ever worked with but one of the best people too. Not only does she know her industry and how to help buyers/sellers accomplish their goals but she sincerely cares about her clients and will give you her personal best every single time. She was able to give us suggestions in a kind and professional way, that even when they might not be what we wanted to hear, we knew that they were the best thing for us. She sold our house in a very, very timely manner for a price we were extremely happy with. Then showed us numerous (and I mean numerous) houses until we found one we liked. And she did this while assisting her other clients. And yet we still felt like she cared about us and was focused on our needs. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. She is the best in her field because she is good at what she does AND takes the time to get to know her clients and build solid, sincere relationships with them! ~Renee and Dave Hultgren, Shawnee, KS (sellers and buyers)

Melinda was Wonderful!

I had my house on the market in 2011 and it didn’t sell. Melinda was referred to me as someone who would tell me the truth about what it was going to take to sell my house. She asked me if she could bring in some accessories to help my house appeal to more buyers. After a few showings, she honed in on who my perfect buyer would be and she was absolutely right! I sold my house for asking price in a little over 30 days. Melinda kept me in the loop throughout the entire process through text messaging, emails and phone calls. It was a smooth transaction thanks to her guidance. I am thrilled to be moving on with my life! ~Mike Stecklein, Overland Park, KS

Melinda was a “Godsend”

13967 W 146th St, Olathe KS contract pending

If you are looking for a realtor that will give you expert advice on how to stage your house to sell fast, then Melinda Bartling is the one. Melinda is an expert in her field. She’s motivated to help you sell, listens to your concerns/needs, researches/finds qualified reasonable repair persons, schedule repairs and makes sure the job is done right, checks on the house 2-3 times a week, and is willing to go beyond the realtor role. Again, Melinda is the one. Selling a home is a big challenge but doing it from another city and out of state is a bigger one. From our first meeting, Melinda was very positive, showed us what needed to be fixed, and gave us the guidance to sell our house. Melinda made sure everything was done before our house went on the market in November. Another positive aspect of her service was the text messages, e-mails, and phone calls informing us who would be showing the house and a follow up with their comments. With her guidance we were able to make adjustments and the house sold in 6 weeks. It sold on Christmas Eve and we couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. I cannot say enough about Melinda. I called her a “godsend” because it was a blessing to have someone that cared so much about our house. Being out of state I never felt concerned or worried about the house because it was in good hands with Melinda. I would highly recommend that you contact Melinda Bartling if you are considering selling your home. ~Claudia Welch, Topeka, Ks

 Sold in Less than 1 Week!

“Melinda has a solid working knowledge of home staging and detailing to bring out the best in a home. Following her instructions, I was able to get an accepted offer within a week of listing my home. Great results!” ~ Becky Oliver

Two Offers in the 1st 2 Days on the Market!

“Our home went on the market the second week of May and we had two offers the first two days it was on the market. We would highly recommend Melinda – we are convinced that our home sold so quickly because of her help. Furthermore, she is so easy, open and fun to talk with – and this made the entire process so wonderful!” ~ Bob Phillips

Sold in the 1st 10 Days!

“We attended one of Melinda Bartling’s workshops -“Stage It to Sell It.” We definitely had an “aha” moment after seeing her presentation. Our house had been on the market with another realtor for almost 6 months with no interest. Melinda came over and within 10 minutes she told us exactly what the issues were. She had the eye to create a new look for our home mainly by moving our furniture around. It seemed so simple but the fact was, we had no clue. Her “amazing rearranging” gave our home an entirely new look that we loved. She described our trouble spots and went to work. It took her less than 2 hours. We came back on the market with a fresh new look along with a new attitude. Our home sold within 10 days. We wish we had met her earlier.” ~ Bob and Susan Sandusky, Overland Park, KS

Sold Fast for Over Asking Price!

“Melinda Bartling turned our mismatched, cluttered house into a home that sold very quickly and for more money than we were expecting. Her talent of having “an eye” for creating a look that works to sell houses is remarkable. I think her advantage is in she also sells real estate so she knows what attracts buyers to homes. I would recommend her services to any seller who wants to get their home sold in any market.” ~ Mary Gibson, Overland Park, KS

 Sold in 12 Days!

“Melinda Bartling was fabulous! She took our overcrowded house in Overland Park and turned it into a masterpiece that sold in 12 days. She worked very quickly and was extremely focused as she envisioned a totally different look for our home. We would definitely recommend her services if you are selling your home.” ~ Vickie and Arthur Jennings, Overland Park, KS

Melinda Really Did Her Homework…

“Melinda always works in the BEST interest of the client. Melinda really did her homework prior to listing our home in terms of setting the listing price and helping us to get rid of the clutter in certain areas of our home to assist in the marketing process. Melinda is a great communicator and follows up well with other agents who show the home, and she is someone the seller can contact just about anytime to discuss the sales process to make changes to the listing, etc. Melinda was very accessible during our sales cycle. We would have not found our current home if Melinda had not networked like CRAZY in her office to see if anyone knew of someone who was thinking of selling a home in Nottingham Forest. She found the house for us from another realtor in her office by thinking outsidethe box and going above and beyond the call of duty. Melinda’s 20+ years in the real estate business truly separates her from the rest of the competition. She is a dedicated professional.” ~ Kent and Ann Barthol

Home Staging Works!

“Melinda Bartling staged and rearranged our house that didn’t sell last year. We knew something needed to change other than the price. We finally got it when we discovered that we had to attract buyers to our home by creating the look they couldn’t resist. Until that point, we had been waiting for buyers to come…with little response. Our home sold within two hours of putting it on the internet.” ~ Robin, FSBO

Melinda was a LIFE SAVER!

“Melinda was a LIFE SAVER! We had our house on the market, newly redone on the inside, and were having a hard time figuring out why we were not getting a lot of feedback and a lot of visitors.  Melinda came in and in less than 3 hours rearranged the house to look AMAZING! We have had a very busy open house, every feedback review has been very positive, and are awaiting two contracts on the house! Thank you so much Melinda, not only were you able to help us last minute, but your skills and knowledge helped us and have made us enthusiastic about having our property on the market! Looking forward to calling you to get your opinions on our new place!” ~ Ross and Leslie Plumberg

Sold Fast for the Right Price…

“Working with Melinda, we sold our house in less than 30 days and had multiple offers. And, we got the price we wanted. We determined our ideal buyer and marketed to them. It worked!”   ~ K. Herman, Leawood, KS

Home Staging in Overland Park Paid Off…

“She had the eye to attract the right home buyer. She worked hard and it paid off for all of us!” ~ Bob and Mary, Overland Park, KS (relocating home sellers)

There isn’t Any Comparison!

“If you don’t use Melinda when selling your home, good luck. We’re not kidding. So many of my co-workers and friends are “sitting” on their homes that are for sale, making double house payments and just miserable, in a buyer’s market. There isn’t any comparison between Melinda and other real estate agents we have used in the past. She could predict our needs before we could and she was ready!” ~ Linda and Doug Anderson

Knowledge and Experience Makes Melinda an Ideal Agent…

“Melinda has the market knowledge combined with her tremendous experience. She communicates very well and is honest all through the transaction. When her opinion is asked for she does not hesitate and always has facts handy to back it up. We were very impressed with her timely planning and negotiation skills. We would definitely recommend her as an ideal agent.” ~ Samir and Seema Muranjan

 Melinda’s Home Staging Made our House More Appealing…

“Melinda Bartling staged our Overland Park home. She first came over and made notes and suggestions for each room.  I was a bit surprised she recommended packing up our books, collections and other “stuff”. I thought I had de-cluttered quite a lot. In the meantime, my husband and I were looking at houses on-line. I found myself noticing and commenting on the décor (usually negatively) of the houses. Suddenly Melinda’s words came to mind “people will be looking at your stuff and not your house”. How right she was! We removed pieces of furniture, shelves, lots of books etc. etc. Melinda then came back rolled up her sleeves and went to work staging each room. I am so pleased and surprised how spacious and inviting everything looks. She knows just the right angle to set the couch, sofa, piano, tables, pictures-you name it. I thought our home was already lovely but I am amazed how much better it looks now.  We plan on using her ideas on furniture placement in our new home. Melinda’s staging has made our house significantly more appealing to potential buyers.” ~ Angela Williams

I Love the Way My House Looks!

“I was a little nervous about having someone come in and critique my house and my things but I knew I needed it. That was the first step. My Realtor gave me Melinda’s number and told me she was a straight shooter, she wouldn’t sugar coat anything and she would tell me exactly what I needed to do to sell my house. And then she would do it.

Melinda showed up with lots of energy and went through my house to get the big picture. I told her I knew I could use some new things so we made a list of what I needed and headed out to buy some new bedding, accent pillows, shower curtain and towels for my hall bath and some miscellaneous art work, lamps and accessories. I really had no idea what to get or where to get it. Melinda suggested the best stores that would save me the most money. She let me pick things out but also told me no, when it wasn’t right. Loved that about her! She made the whole process fun.

Once we got back to my house, she wanted to make sure I liked everything she was doing because she told me I had to live with it while my house was on the market.

I love the way my house looks! Plus it’s my stuff she used so I feel comfortable with it. My home is pulled together and I’m excited about coming on the market. She made me realize I do have cool stuff, I just needed a better way to display it.” ~ Patty Scheer

 Melinda Made me a Believer!

“Melinda made me a believer! Melinda staged our home and made a huge difference in how our stuff and the space is used. She surveyed the entire house, made a few suggestions then asked if we could move some furniture around to see how her suggestions would look. She brings furniture moving pads. I knew as soon as we moved a few pieces of furniture that she knew what she was talking about. From there, I was more than willing to work with her to implement her suggestions.

She resurrected two end tables by asking if she could put some scratch covering furniture polish on them. She had the polish and a cloth with her. Now my living room has a lot less furniture and other stuff and the furniture goes together. She is efficient, pleasant, a good communicator and never once made me feel bad for having such a conglomeration of stuff. After her first visit, we had friends help us move heavy pieces of furniture so that we now have one less guest bedroom and an office instead. I asked her to return to do the finishing touches. Now, the living/dining/entry way room looks spacious and coordinated. The master bedroom looks infinitely better. Most importantly, a person can see the view out of all the windows. We live in the country and the house was designed to be sure the people inside could see the beauty outside. She used stuff we already had and I am impressed by her ability to remember items she saw, even in the basement, and suggest a perfect place to use them. She has my permission to give out my name and phone number to anyone who would like a phone recommendation from me.” ~ Carol Castellini

Think Out of the Box!

“Melinda re-staged our home and sold it! We called Melinda after an unsuccessful try with another company. She sold our home quickly and creatively with her “out of the box” thinking. She told us exactly what needed to be done and we did it. Her ability to stage our home and make it appeal to more buyers was incredible. Her negotiating strategies made the whole thing happen.” ~ John Snapp

Amazing Rearranging Reviews:

“I hired Melinda to try to do something with our downstairs family/playroom and to rearrange/decorate our upstairs living room into a more adult gathering area. The downstairs is a long room that we couldn’t seem to separate into two functional areas. Our upstairs living room was functional but just not “grown up” enough for our desires. She transformed our spaces into something functional, comfortable and thrilling for adults and children alike! If you have any areas that don’t showcase your design tastes or function in the way you desire, I would highly recommend Melinda!” ~ K. Tonik, Blue Springs, MO

“Melinda helped me create a whole new look for our living room which has been driving me crazy for over 6 months. It was her ability to see things that I couldn’t that made the room look better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Melinda. You’re the best!” ~ Rick Hoyt, Shawnee, KS

“Melinda is amazing! I hired her to “fix” my decorating dilemma in my living room and had her back to do almost the whole house. Melinda and her team went room to room and in less than 8 hours on different occasions, they transformed my home into a show house. It’s hard to believe that this is even my house! The worst part is, I wish I had met her years ago. I always thought my home looked pretty good until I met Melinda – she opened my eyes to a whole new world.” ~Caroline O’Keefe, Overland Park, KS

“I met Melinda when I popped by to see a friend. At first I thought the whole idea was a little strange but when I saw the final outcome, I was impressed. So, I had her stop by my house to work on my lower level family room – which was totally out of control. We have 4 kids and their stuff is everywhere. Melinda created a whole new look and gave me a plan to help keep it organized. When my husband got home and went downstairs, he asked if he was in the wrong house. He never comments on anything and he said that he loved it and wanted the neighbors to come and see the transformation! Good job, Melinda and thank you very much!” ~ Joan Denny, Overland Park, KS

Move-In Services Reviews:

“We asked Melinda to come over and help us arrange and give decorating ideas for our new home. We moved in a month earlier and were just have a hard time getting this in the right place.  We asked for arrangement of existing furniture, purchase recommendations, and wall arrangements.

Melinda showed up right on time, and called an hour before to confirm the appointment.  The first thing we did was do a walk through of the entire home so she could get a feel for what we had and where it would best be used.  Then, she made a few recommendations of items that we were missing.  Lastly, we moved several pieces of furniture around for a better lay out.  This involved moving pieces from room-to-room, as well as changing the arrangement within a particular room.  We left the first appointment with a plan to schedule a shopping trip to look for the much needed items.

I was absolutely thrilled with the end result. I would be very happy to recommend Melinda to friends and family…or anyone looking to make changes in their home but need some professional advice and direction.” ~Brenna Morgan, Olathe, KS

“Melinda Bartling helped me create a look I wanted for my living room. I recently moved to Overland Park and she was referred to me by a lady I work with who said she was worth her weight in gold. My furniture just didn’t fit right and she showed me a much better arrangement that I had never considered. I had been struggling with it for a couple of months and as soon as she walked in, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. And it looks fabulous. She’s very good! My lesson learned was next time I’ll call her first!” ~Crystal Lange, Overland Park, KS

Diva Decorating Reviews:

“I called Melinda after reading an article about her services in a local magazine. It stated that she did Man Cave Makeovers. As a single woman, I wanted her to help me with a room in my basement. After evaluating how I used the room and what I wanted to create, she told me the room was off balance. Once she explained it to me, I understood what she meant. And she was right. She’s coming back after I buy a few new things that she suggested would make the room more complete. It’s exciting and I’m thrilled with her services!” ~Mary, Shawnee, KS

“I was surprised about how you used some of my things. I never would have thought of that. I love the look you created. Thanks, Melinda!” ~ Robin Alberts

Mancave Makeover Reviews:

“Melinda solved my mancave blues! I hired Melinda to try to do something with my husband’s mancave – the place I refuse to go! She transformed his space into something he was thrilled with by showcasing his collections and creating a place for everything. We’ve already had our first Mancave Makeover party. The guys hung out in the basement and my girlfriends and I got together in the kitchen. It was a great reason for a party. If you have a mancave that needs a makeover, I would highly recommend Melinda!” ~ Mike and Kristi Fitzgerald

Shopping Spree Reviews:

“Melinda showed up with lots of energy and went through my house to get the big picture. I told her I knew I could use some new things so we made a list of what I needed and headed out to buy some new bedding, accent pillows, shower curtain and towels for my hall bath and some miscellaneous art work, lamps and accessories. I really had no idea what to get or where to get it. Melinda suggested the best stores that would save me the most money. She let me pick things out but also told me no, when it wasn’t right. Loved that about her! She made the whole process fun.” ~ Patty Scheer